Aquarian New Moon and Chinese New Year January 27th, 2017

The Aquarian New Moon as it coincides with the Chinese New Year, is a call for humanity to be released from the ‘Allegory of The Cave’. Together we can wake and take responsibility collectively for the reality of the World in which we live, personally and globally.

The late January New Moon has given us a running start to put our affairs in order and now affords the opportunity to begin fresh with a new version of our own truth but it will not be possible without embodying a shifted point of view available through Aquarian intention. The Water Bearer “holds the emotions of the world” yet is an air sign of intellect uniting the brotherhood of man and thus the collective conscious. His gift is to be able to scoop up heavy emotions and hold space for them to be processed in a new way, a way that is mutually beneficial for All. New Moon energy similarly holds space for receiving new intentions and setting goals and this month issues surrounding humanity, especially feminism and racism, are brought to light by the Sun who is perfectly conjunct to this moon Illuminating True Truth and laying all the possibilities out on the table. The two celestial bodies are taking up residence in the seventh house of partnerships, emotional and business contracts and creating a stir of our attitudes toward reality. It is time to emerge from the dark cave of controlled conscience, no longer believing the shadow scenes played on the wall by those who attempt to control for their own gain, and unlike Plato’s version where one man ascends we are emerging in pairs and groups, where the joining of forces will yield a higher reward.

The Chinese welcome in the Year of the Yin/Fire Rooster heralding this wake-up call in an organized, practical and grounded manner while assessing inherent risks. It is time to stand up and take responsibility for the direction of your life and the Yin energy calls us to trust our intuition and act on your instincts. It is a time of female empowerment, the receptive counterpart of All humanities anima, but we will see various women coming into the spot light this year, becoming the leaders and the bringers of light to a long outdated Patriarchal ruled World. It is noted that Yin and Fire can be combustible, possibly resulting in war, terrorist attacks and economic corruption, but these have already been the times so let’s manifest positive elemental blending where anger is tempered by peaceful resolutions. “Wake Up” to Rebirth and Transformation!

The overall astrological profile chart for the New Moon event is seen as a basket with the handle being created by the North Node of the Moon, where the Dragon’s Head is cradling all the possibilities for real directed growth for humanity.

The most prominent aspect is a square off between Saturn and Venus so issues of the heart and money will be taken seriously at this time. Squares are challenging aspects which are more annoyances than direct confrontational battles and their transits are easily progressed with favorable results. It is a time of examining our own self-worth while taking the directive of the Saturian energy as manifested through Sagittarius to be the archer aptly able to solidify a stronger sense of our individuality and not be held back by fear of rejection from channeling our emotive expression and intellectual drive. Our individual consciences are the vehicles which will begin transporting the higher visions of a new and improved World into manifestation in the times ahead. We are in the Age of Truth and the wise man understands they can only control themselves, while fumbling within the maze of self-mastery we have lost time and energy and averted our divine right to happiness.

Saturn is keeping space in the fifth house of Game Playing where the elemental age of man is working to organize the ways we exchange energy, our feeling and our intuitions. If Saturn and Venus were left alone with this tension, trying to find a way to take it to the next level we may not have so much hope, luckily both sides of the field are allied with supporting characters.

The heavy weight of Saturn is kept company by Juno, the goddess of marriage, bringing in a capacity for highly meaningful, intellectual and personally creative relationships. Her efforts color Saturn’s power struggle issues lending a regenerative hand to the Human Rights arena, and with the nymph asteroid Cupido brushing up against their agenda we can hope this is a sign that Saturn will relax and welcome new avenues of transcendence with Venusian quality.
Venus swims in the primordial waters of Pisces while visiting the ninth house of the Higher Mind. Here she can be experienced as the morning star Lucifera, Bringer of the Light having just experienced a symbolic death crossing the threshold of symbolic death between the eight and ninth house cusp where she is still having a close and favorable exchange with the Wounder Healer Chiron. There is a new freedom available as lost things are found, things that we can no longer take for granted but must take with us into the ecstatic bliss of divine love, begetting a new life for which we have been preparing for for years. At her other side is Mars, also in the sensitive and psychic waters of the fish, activating her social nature and beckoning her to take action in the world. This blending of male and female energy will be intense and exciting, and perhaps sexual in nature, but Pallas Athene’s presence just behind Chiron will help ground the primal instinct with the magic of sacred sexuality and healing. This Kundalini energy is the force within us which radically heals and transcends our physical matter limitations to that which merges with the Source or the Higher that is the All. Again working with these energies in a personal sphere affect the greater. Isn’t time for the Earth Goddess and Sacred Feminine to rise to assertion and reclaim the balance in this World?

The feminine light energy of the ninth house is complemented by the dark aspect of the feminine nature, Lilith who is serving her purpose on the literal home front of the fourth house, the natural home of Cancer and Ruler, The Moon. Lilith is many things to many people, here she is taking her ability to tame the ‘wild feminine’ in the home, who has been rejected and cast aside, writhing in repressed anger and sexual deprivation, A.K.A. feminine hysteria, working to transmute that energy intellectually with ethical and spiritual conversations. Lilith’s myth is that she was the first chosen consort of Adam who refused to accept his system of control over her, causing her to roam in the wilds alone and befriend the beasts and all that which is considered unsavory to the tradition institution of marriage. In this transit we can appreciate her soverign authority while seeking to integrate her wisdom to heal the psyche of the rejected feminine not being given enough credit in our society for a long, long time. With her as our allies we bring the party to the forest around the sacred bonfire where all traditional roles can be cast off and allowed to be forged again to suit our progressive times in today’s world. Hello Ivanka Trump, are you listening? Will you become woman’s ally or continually be left behind and disregarded? Wake Up!

Deep Plutonian energy is touched by quick witted Mercury under the structure of Capricorn in the sixth house of health and service, thus making it possible to clearly and effectively bring our deepest desires for a life well lived, as set into new intention under the strong New Moon. It’s’ time to stop putting off all the “shoulds and should nots” plaguing our behavior to lead on the sloppy side of self-service. Finely tuned vehicles operate at higher frequencies, don’t be afraid to ask others for what you need as well. Jupiter and Zeus occupy the third house of communication, aiding the ability of controlled communication to fire up the personality pursuing our artistic abilities to create our lives under the guise of careers which will reflect our true nature and natural abilities. Any one seen John Galt lately?

Concluding the promise for new life and the hatching of the cosmic eggs collected within the New Moon basket, as seen in the dispersion of planets around this chart configuration, I want to bring light to the twelfth house where all things below the surface lay dormant and incubate, under this New Moon this house is under the influence of Cancer, again symbolizing “our home”. Here we have Hades and Kronos talking about the depressive nature of our government and secret structures, while not far off the intense Vulcanus is conversing with Vesta, our Vestal Virgin and keeper of the Sacred Flame or Hearth Fire. Vesta’s dedication toward selflessness in service in pursuit of higher spiritual values helps us to release the anxieties of past failures so we can burn with fresh intensity of new life beyond the fears of societal restitution where we have found ourselves persecuted previously for our unique beliefs. Among other personal trials I am feeling LGBTQ rights. This is a cleansing of our unconscious selves, the fire is being fanned to grow tall by the intensity of Vulcanus and it is pushing the Arabic Part of Fortune, A.K.A. Earth to the far reach of the twelfth house realm to be reborn across the ascendant where its manifestation is a new found and renewed sense of Self ~ Emerging as One with the Higher Self of who we really are.

The entirety of this New Moon prediction is welcoming in a stage of empowered individuals who are ready to take over the production of peace, balance and righteous conviction toward attaining the reality held by the majority. It is our divine right to be happy, to be free in self-creation and propriety for the betterment and survival of our entire Earth Community.


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